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The Multi-Facet Attractions of Multistone Diamond Rings

A diamond ring is usually a single stone ring which is considered exquisite and classy; hence, most engagement rings would prefer the single diamond ring which should be as big piece as possible to enjoy a higher carat rating.

Multiple stones
Diamond rings with multiple stone pieces are deemed to be of higher value and more classic in appearance. Hence, it is not surprising that more consumers are sporting multistone diamond rings than a single stone diamond ring.

There is a growing collection of multiple stone diamond rings in various forms and shapes to reflect sophistication, elegance, vintage and affluence. There are many designs with multiple stone diamond rings that include classic, modern, contemporary or fashionable styles.

Trilogy diamond rings are part of multiple diamond ring category but more diamond pieces can be sported on a diamond ring to reflect the individual’s character, elegance and affluence.

There are many diamond manufacturers and suppliers in the market across the globe who can design beautiful diamond rings at competitive and affordable prices depending on the number of diamond stones on each ring.

Multiple diamond pieces on a ring look more exquisite which manufacturers and suppliers of diamond rings can design and craft easily with the many creative craftsmen employed. As the demand of multi-stone diamond rings increases, manufacturers would produce more pieces into the market.

A lot of savings can be secured if direct purchases can be made with manufacturers. Diamond manufacturers of multiple stones can also pass on further savings to their valued customers if there is a surplus of diamond ring production or if there is a sale of these pieces. Hence, there is always big savings from the sales of a manufacturer compared to that from the high street.
Shapes and styles
Trilogy diamond rings are rings with three pieces of diamond set in various shapes and styles. Trilogy diamond rings are popular with men as they look manly and the designs are usually classic and contemporary to suit the macho character of men.

There are all sorts of designs and styles with multiple stone diamond rings. They can come in round, oval or square settings which are strong favorites among the men. They can be solely diamond rings or a mixture of other stones with diamond pieces. The more daring and affluent might want to flaunt a trilogy diamond ring with other gems all around.

There can be 4, 5 or 7 stone diamond rings with a special meaning to symbolize the eternal love of the wearers where a pair is usually very popular for couples.

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